Manas National Park

Our Christmas break was spent in Manas National Park. It is located in the Himalayan foothills in west Assam near the Bhutan border.

I am sharing a few snaps of our trip

The entrance to the park
Tea garden outside the park boundary
Mustard fields outside the park

We took a jeep safari in the early morning for 3 hours. Saw some wildlife in the safari. It was quite cold in the morning with a temperature of 11°C

Sunrise in the park
A Buffalo who survived a leopard attack
A peacock on a tree
An old tree with massive roots
The famous one horned rhino
Jungle trail

This park is situated on the banks of Manas river. Slow River rafting is a unique experience which takes about 2 hours and covers a distance of 22 km.

The pristine water and the round stones on the river bank are a visual delight.

Getting the raft ready
Wild water Buffalo
A herd of buffaloes
Driftwood in the river
In the resort, we were entertained with a folk dance of the indigenous Bodo tribe of Assam. This is the famous Bagurumba dance


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